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    About Us:    

Jensen Precision Machining Ltd. is a CNC turning and CNC milling shop specializing in close tolerance, high precision components and assemblies. We have complete traceability of Material, Processes and Vendors that ensure your parts are produced exactly to your specifications.


JPM uses 3D parametric solid modeling application which provides 3D mechanical design, real-time collaboration and data sharing and management.


Providing customers with the highest quality precision CNC machined components Jensen Precision Machining Ltd. uses the latest in advanced technologies. Our updated equipment and software as well as our climate-controlled premises allows us the flexibility and capability to produce quality parts 2.375” (60 mm) in diameter and under that exceeds customer expectations. All of our CNC lathes and CNC Swiss machines are equipped with automatic bar feeders to allow for continuous production.


To ensure customer satisfaction all our orders are delivered on time with Certificate of Compliance as well as Material Certification.

With over 30 years of machining experience we have worked with a wide range of customers such as Commercial, Defence, Automotive, Armament, Mining and Fluid Controls. Our commitment to excellence will be reflected in your parts!


Let's Talk Quality 

The latest addition to our Quality Control equipment is a Starrett HDV400 CNC Digital Video Comparator. 


At Jensen Precision Machining Ltd. we are always investing in the newest and most advanced technology.


 The HDV systems house a powerful 64-bit PC, which runs MetLogix™ M3 Metrology software. With M3 software, DXF CAD files can be imported and 2D "Go-No-Go" digital overlays can be developed directly from the CAD files. Video edge detection (VED) allows real-time interaction of the imported file with the video image of the part being inspected. Productivity, speed and accuracy are all enhanced. 




Jensen Precision Machining Ltd.

303 Airport Road

Deseronto, Ontario

Canada, K0K 1X0

Tel: 613-396-1200

Fax: 866-720-8109

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